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More Holiday DUIs This Year; More DUI Patrols for New Year's

The holidays aren't over yet, but dozens have been arrested in and around Philadelphia in DUI crackdowns.

While state police in and around Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware counties were handling fewer car crashes this year, that didn't mean there were fewer drunken drivers on the road than in previous years. To the contrary, actually, there were more drunken drivers on the road, according to The Philadelphia Daily News.

From Dec. 21 to Christmas Day, there were a reported 109 crashes in those three counties, with eight of them being related to alcohol. But 32 others were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and 794 were cited for overall traffic infractions, reports The Daily News.

Last year, there were 16 DUI arrests during the same period.

Teens Take Driving Habits From Parents, Study Shows

Your kids watch your every move and that's why a researcher from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute is warning parents not to text while driving.

According to the study, parental driving habits have a huge impact on teens when parents teach their kids how to drive.

We already know that teenage minds are highly suggestible. But watching a parent text or chat on a phone from behind the wheel reinforces dangerous habits.

That's important to consider, especially since teen drivers are at much higher risk of crashing. This is due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Especially in winter months, parents need to take extra caution as their teenagers hit the roads.

PennDOT Steps Up DUI Efforts in 'Operation Safe Holiday'

It's holiday time, and if you haven't already noticed, there are many more cops on the road than usual. In fact, PennDOT and local agencies are in the midst of "Operation Safe Holiday."

That's because the state and local patrols kick their DUI efforts into high gear during the holiday season. After all, the holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry.

Notice the word "drink" in that phrase?

People drink during the holidays and as they go from party to party, it's not unusual for someone to hop into a car thinking that they are capable of driving.

Pa. Trooper Suspended After DUI, Assault on Girlfriend

A Pennsylvania state trooper is facing charges involving DUI after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, reports The Associated Press.

State Trooper Patrick Kelly of the Loganville barracks remains suspended without pay for the alleged assault last month, The York Dispatch reports.

His other charges include making terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment. The incident happened Nov. 4 when Kelly was with his girlfriend Lisa Stroule. They'd both been drinking in Harrisburg and got into a fight on the drive home.

The fight began as an argument and escalated into a fistfight. According to the charging documents (as reported in The York Dispatch), Stroule punched Kelly first. Kelly then hit her in the head several times and threatened to kill her.

Are Pennsylvania DUI Laws Harsh Enough for Repeat Offenders?

Pennsylvania doesn't take a hard stance on DUI, many feel. According to, not all DUI offenders receive the sentence they deserve, especially since some of them are serial DUI offenders.

In one instance, PhillyBurbs points out that a nine-time offender received a sentence of 15 to 30 months in state prison. The man, Robert Oxenford, was one of four men in Bucks County facing DUI charges over the span of three days.

And what's shocking is that this recidivist DUI offender received the lightest sentence of them all.

Woman Hits, Injures Police Officer in DUI Crash at Target

Here’s a great idea: Drive drunk during rush hour in a Target parking lot. Then, while you’re driving around, hit a police car and injure the cop. Finally, try to flee the scene as fast as you can.

That’s what a woman did on Tuesday evening in northern Philadelphia, reports NBC10.

The woman hit the police cruiser in a parking lot at 7400 Bustleton Avenue. She has yet to be identified but is being investigated under suspicion of DUI.

The female police officer was sent to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Kills Fellow Cowboy in DUI Crash

The National Football League has a serious DUI problem. With the recent DUI manslaughter over the weekend, should the NFL take heed and start addressing the elephant in the room?

This weekend, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was in an alleged DUI crash in Irving, Texas.

Brent was allegedly intoxicated behind the wheel on Saturday night. The accident resulted in the death of his teammate and friend, Jerry Brown, writes the Huffington Post.

The New Twinkie Defense: Sugar Low, Not DUI, Caused Car Crash

Could a sugar-low be to blame for an apparent DUI? Is this the new Twinkie defense?

It's a long shot, but that's the angle that former police officer John P. Heaney's DUI attorneys are using, says The Express Times.

Heaney, a retired New Jersey police officer, was charged with the 2011 DUI deaths of two cyclists in East Bangor. According to witnesses, victims died in a fireball as Heaney's Dodge Ram came around a blind curve and hit Keith Michaelson and Michael Zadoyko.

Man Found in Trunk During Routine Traffic Stop

Traffic stops are pretty normal and most go off without a hitch. It’s not abnormal for officers to stop a car for minor reasons.

But every so often, there are traffic stops that result in some very unique findings. This latest one in Kentucky is certainly one for the books.

At a routine traffic stop in Louisville, Kentucky, a man was found bound in the trunk of a car.