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Man Found in Trunk During Routine Traffic Stop

Traffic stops are pretty normal and most go off without a hitch. It’s not abnormal for officers to stop a car for minor reasons.

But every so often, there are traffic stops that result in some very unique findings. This latest one in Kentucky is certainly one for the books.

At a routine traffic stop in Louisville, Kentucky, a man was found bound in the trunk of a car.

Shawn Bloemer must be extremely thankful for the fact that his vehicle tags had expired, because that's what forced the police to stop his car in the first place. The 22-year old is a store clerk at Circle K. On August 3, he was kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of his own car.

The suspects then drove around with Bloemer in the trunk, as they looked for places to buy drugs. Once the car was stopped for the expired tags, Bloemer began kicking the hood of the car and yelling, he tells WHAS News.

Traffic stops happen all the time and it's not unusual at all for police to stop a car for expired tags. Police also often stop cars if they suspect that the driver of the car is under the influence of alcohol.

There are several indicators which will make police officers suspicious of drunk driving. One of these is erratic driving. If the officer notices a car swerving or speeding, the officer can pull the car over and ask the driver to step out to take a field sobriety test.

Although the Fourth Amendment allows police officers to stop a car if they suspect drunk driving, they aren't allowed to search the contents of the car unless they have reason to believe that there's contraband or anything illegal, or as part of an arrest.

If you think you've been the victim of an unreasonable search after a DUI stop, see our related resources below and contact a Philadelphia DUI lawyer to discuss your case.

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