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More Holiday DUIs This Year; More DUI Patrols for New Year's

The holidays aren't over yet, but dozens have been arrested in and around Philadelphia in DUI crackdowns.

While state police in and around Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware counties were handling fewer car crashes this year, that didn't mean there were fewer drunken drivers on the road than in previous years. To the contrary, actually, there were more drunken drivers on the road, according to The Philadelphia Daily News.

From Dec. 21 to Christmas Day, there were a reported 109 crashes in those three counties, with eight of them being related to alcohol. But 32 others were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and 794 were cited for overall traffic infractions, reports The Daily News.

Last year, there were 16 DUI arrests during the same period.

While troopers in those counties weren't dealing with too many fatal car crashes, the same couldn't be said for central Pennsylvania.

A Dauphin County crash on Christmas Eve and two crashes in Franklin County claimed a total of four lives, The Sentinel of Harrisburg reports. DUI hasn't been ruled a factor in those crashes but it hasn't yet been ruled out, either.

Weather is a huge cause of crashes and with a storm system dumping piles of snow in Pennsylvania this holiday season, driving conditions are only that much more hazardous.

While bad weather conditions can lead to many crashes, the combination of drinking, speeding and icy roads is lethal.

Holiday DUI patrols and safe driving initiatives aren't over yet. With less than one week to go before New Year's Day, the DUI patrols are still out and about, trying to nab drunken drivers.

Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) and STEAD-D (Selective Traffic Enforcement Against Drunk Driving) are only two safe driving initiatives taken by police this holiday season. Local police and sheriff's offices have their own DUI initiatives, and there will be lots of police out on the roads this weekend.

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