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Teens Take Driving Habits From Parents, Study Shows

Your kids watch your every move and that's why a researcher from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute is warning parents not to text while driving.

According to the study, parental driving habits have a huge impact on teens when parents teach their kids how to drive.

We already know that teenage minds are highly suggestible. But watching a parent text or chat on a phone from behind the wheel reinforces dangerous habits.

That's important to consider, especially since teen drivers are at much higher risk of crashing. This is due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Especially in winter months, parents need to take extra caution as their teenagers hit the roads.

The Transportation Research Institute calls for parents to ride with their teens for the first few times the teen gets behind the wheel in winter.

The Institute has launched an interactive online program to help parents protect their children as they gain experience driving. The program was developed by the University of Michigan in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Community Health, and was funded with a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The program allows parents to set parameters on how and where their children can drive without adult supervision. While it's focused on Michigan laws and educates kids on the state's driving laws, it nevertheless drives home the important point of safety during the winter months for those less-than-experienced drivers.

As winter sets in over the Philadelphia area, parents should certainly take heed and be mindful of their teenage children driving.

Also, with the holiday season upon us, drunken drivers are rampant. So educating kids on safe driving is more a priority now than ever.

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