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Woman Hits, Injures Police Officer in DUI Crash at Target

Here’s a great idea: Drive drunk during rush hour in a Target parking lot. Then, while you’re driving around, hit a police car and injure the cop. Finally, try to flee the scene as fast as you can.

That’s what a woman did on Tuesday evening in northern Philadelphia, reports NBC10.

The woman hit the police cruiser in a parking lot at 7400 Bustleton Avenue. She has yet to be identified but is being investigated under suspicion of DUI.

The female police officer was sent to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

A DUI is bad enough. But add aggravating circumstances to the DUI and the offender can find themselves facing great penalties.

While Pennsylvania DUI laws don't use the terminology "aggravated DUI," the DUI penalties in Pennsylvania differ on a scale depending on the level of intoxication or on the number of prior DUIs.

DUIs are categorized as "general impairment," "high BAC," and "highest BAC."

Penalties range from fines on the lower end to jail time on the higher end. At the lowest end of the spectrum, the BAC falls between 0.08 percent and 0.099 percent. At the high range, the BAC falls at 0.16 and higher.

That being said, aggravating circumstances could definitely make the penalty for the DUI much harsher. At this time, there is little reported information on the BAC of the driver or whether she was speeding. Both of those factors would be important in determining her penalties.

What's more concerning for the driver in this accident is the fact that she allegedly attempted to flee the scene. In addition, she injured a police officer. While there is little word on the charges she faces, she could be looking an assault with a vehicle.

We'll bring you more on this story as it unfolds.

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