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Driver's License Suspension for a DUI in Pennsylvania

Many individuals overlook a possible driver's license suspension as a penalty for a DUI.

Instead, and rightly so, they focus on jail time and possible loss of freedom. Next, the accused may then worry about any monetary fines or terms of probation.

However, the DUI penalty that may have the greatest impact on your day-to-day life may be the driver's license suspension. If you lose your license, how will you get to work? Buy groceries? Take your kids to school?

Pennsylvania DUI and Employment Background Checks

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania, the residual effect may be the DUI showing up on employment background checks and hindering your chances of getting a job.

You hear a lot about minimum jail sentences and monetary fines associated with drunken driving convictions. However, these penalties usually only affect you for a short while.

In contrast, a DUI on your record could potentially impact you for the rest of your life.

5 Common Defenses to Drunken Driving

When you are charged with drunken driving in Philadelphia, you may think it's hopeless. After all, it may be your word against the arresting officer's -- not to mention the results of a blood alcohol test.

However, you should take some comfort in knowing that there are some common defenses to drunken driving that actually work.

Keep in mind that when you are defending yourself against a DUI charge, there is a lot at stake including your possible freedom and monetary fines. So even if you think one of these defenses may apply, it's best to work with an experienced DUI attorney when arguing your defense.

Understanding DUI Plea Bargains in Philadelphia

If you are charged with a DUI in Philadelphia, you should be aware that you face very serious penalties. However, just because the statutes may provide for jail stays and monetary fines, you may be able to reach a DUI plea bargain and avoid the most serious penalties.

In fact, DUI cases rarely make it all the way to trial. Instead, the vast majority of DUI defendants reach a plea deal to resolve their criminal cases and many of these defendants avoid jail completely.