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Driving Drunk Can Lead to DUI, Other Charges Too

Let's say that you've been arrested for drunken driving. You may know that you face criminal DUI charges. However, did you know that you could face penalties for many additional violations as well?

That's because individuals who violate drunken driving laws also frequently violate other closely related laws.

And in these cases, you could face penalties even if you're cleared of the DUI charge that got you into trouble in the first place.

Here's a look at five common charges associated with a DUI:

  1. Driving with a suspended license. Many people arrested for a DUI are repeat offenders and may already have their license suspended. That can enhance the penalties you already face and decrease the chances of a favorable plea deal.

  2. Open container laws. Even if you are not drunk, you could get busted for having an open container of alcohol with you in your car.

  3. Negligent or reckless driving. Erratic driving may be a violation in and of itself. If you are busted for drunken driving, you could also be charged with reckless driving.

  4. Drug possession. If you are pulled over for drugged driving, there's a good chance that you may also have illegal drugs in your car.

  5. Driving without insurance. Similar to driving with a suspended license, you are only supposed to drive if you have insurance coverage. If you are't covered by insurance and get pulled over, you could face fines even if you beat the DUI charge.

As you can see, a criminal DUI charge may just be the start of your problems if you are arrested for drunken driving. If you have any questions about an arrest, you should contact a Philadelphia DUI defense attorney.

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