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7 Ways a DUI Conviction Can Cost You

The costs for a DUI can be much more than spending a few nights in jail.

In fact, even for the most straight-forward drunk driving cases, the toll on your wallet can be significant. There are a variety of costs directly and indirectly related to a DUI.

Here is a look at seven of these costs of a drunk driving conviction:

  1. Legal Fees. Someone needs to pay your DUI attorney. Even if you enter a plea and seek a hardship driving license, you are looking at legal fees that can start in the thousands of dollars. If you go to trial and defend against the DUI charge, the fees will get much higher.
  2. Court Costs. This can include your monetary fine, court costs, towing fees, storage fees, etc. You will get the bill for just about everything associated with the DUI so be prepared to pony up.
  3. Insurance Rates. If you are convicted of a DUI, you will likely need to add high-risk insurance to your policy. This can add $1,000 to $2,000 a year and you may be required to carry this insurance for several years.
  4. License Reinstatement. You'll need to pay for a new license and you may have to pay for the hearing to get the license.
  5. Ignition Interlock Installation and Maintenance. This includes the cost to install, maintain, and apply for the device. Because ignition interlock devices can be extremely expensive, you will want to block off several thousand dollars to install and maintain it.
  6. Rehab Programs. You may also have to pay the costs for court-mandated courses like drug rehab and counseling.
  7. Lost income. If you have to miss work due to jail, time spent attending alcohol rehabilitation courses, or due to a license suspension, you can expect to miss wages or possibly lose your job.

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