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Beware DUIs on Bikes, Boats This Summer

DUIs on boats and DUIs on bikes are a real thing. So, if you think you can avoid a DUI in Philadelphia just by ensuring that you don't get into a car drunk, think again.

From boats to even standard bikes, if you're operating any of these alternative means of transportation while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both, you will be charged with a DUI and face the exact same penalties.

While laws on non-car related DUIs vary state by state, here's what they look like in Pennsylvania:

Can Job Interviewers Consider Your DUI Conviction?

Employers frequently use background checks in the hiring process. This can spell trouble for a job applicant with a criminal history. An applicant's background check can expose a DUI charge or conviction -- and may affect a person's ability to land the job.

Like many other cities and states, Philadelphia restricts an employer's ability to consider a DUI offense in a hiring decision.