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3 Smartphone Breathalyzers Have an App for DUI

Need an on-the-go breathalyzer for DUIs? There's an app for that.

This new class of pocket-sized Breathalyzers which connect with a smartphone which may help mobile users track their drinking. These Breathalyzer devices require connecting a smartphone via the headphone jack or through wireless Bluetooth connection and promise an accurate reading of your BAC on the go. While you should never drink and drive, these devices could help you avoid a DUI by monitoring your drinking throughout the evening.

With smartphone Breathalyzers growing in popularity in the smartphone market, here are three devices to consider:

Beware Drunken Designated Drivers

A Northwestern Pennsylvania couple was charged with drunken driving after the man's wife showed up drunk at the police station to pick up her husband following his DUI-related arrest on New Year's Day. As amusing as the story is, the sobering lesson is clear: drunken designated drivers exist.

Here are three ways to avoid legal roadblocks with designated drivers: