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Beware Drunken Designated Drivers

A Northwestern Pennsylvania couple was charged with drunken driving after the man's wife showed up drunk at the police station to pick up her husband following his DUI-related arrest on New Year's Day. As amusing as the story is, the sobering lesson is clear: drunken designated drivers exist.

Here are three ways to avoid legal roadblocks with designated drivers:

  1. Pick a (genuinely) sober designated driver. 0.08% is the legal limit for drunken driving in most of the country. But it's not safe to get behind the wheel when you hover anywhere near that number. Never choose the "DD" based on who is least drunk or who has successfully driven intoxicated in the past. If your designated driver can't seem to steer clear of the bottle, you'll need to look into other options like a cab or bus.
  2. Apps and services to get a driver. If you and your pals can't find a stone-cold sober designated driver, you can reserve a designated driver. One such service, BeMyDD, provides you with a driver to chauffeur you and your party on nights out, to sporting events and concerts, or any other event requiring a driver. Even better, there are community-oriented free services available like FreeRideHome, where you can find a sober driver nearby to take you home.
  3. Alternatives to designated drivers. If you simply can't find designated driver, you can always call a taxi and/or AAA to get you and your wheels home safely. During the holidays, you should check out AAA's Holiday Safe Ride Program, offering free towing for members and non-members in select areas nationwide. If you're on a tight budget, look into public transportation. It may be slow and unglamorous, but it definitely beats getting into an accident or mugging for a mugshot.

If you or a loved one has run into a situation over a not-so-sober designated driver, you may want to consult a DUI attorney to figure out your options.

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