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Use Your Smartphone, Avoid a DUI

Smartphones are truly the do-it-all product -- they may even help you avoid a DUI.

While your phone won't be able to physically drive you home, it can allow you to find a ride or even act as a Breathalyzer.

Here are some ways your smartphone can help you avoid a DUI:

Penn. Dad Faces DUI After Daughter Killed

A Pennsylvania father has been charged with a DUI after his SUV drifted backward and ran over his daughter as he was getting out the car to take photos of her on her first date.

While Richard Benton, 53, wasn't driving at the time of the accident, police report that he was visibly intoxicated when they arrived at the scene, reports CBS News.

In addition to the emotional gravity, his daughter's death may affect the severity of Benton's DUI charge.