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Use Your Smartphone, Avoid a DUI

Smartphones are truly the do-it-all product -- they may even help you avoid a DUI.

While your phone won't be able to physically drive you home, it can allow you to find a ride or even act as a Breathalyzer.

Here are some ways your smartphone can help you avoid a DUI:

  1. Ride-share apps. Popular ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft give partygoers the option to catch a ride. Simply download the company's app and enter your pick-up location. For people on the verge of seeing double, most ride-share apps require you to put in your credit card information so you don't have to fumble for cash when you reach your destination. Although ride-sharing apps are legal in Philadelphia, some cities may not allow the car services to operate.
  2. Taxi apps. Having trouble hailing a cab at the end of the night? Try using a taxi app on your smartphone to avoid a DUI. Taxi apps, like Taxi Magic, allow patrons to book a cab online and then track its path, according to Philadelphia's KYW-TV. Like ride-share apps, taxi apps usually allow riders to pay with their credit cards through their smartphones. On-demand ride apps may remove the temptation for drunk drivers to get behind the wheel because getting a taxi is taking too long.
  3. Smartphone Breathalyzers. First there was the pocket Breathalyzer, now there's the smartphone Breathalyzers. Smartphone Breathalyzers connect with your phone to help users track their drinking. Usually you'll attach an external device via the headphone jack or through a Bluetooth wireless connection in order to use it. Some smartphone Breathalyzers can even give you an estimate of how long before you sober up. However, smartphone Breathalyzers should serve only as a guide and shouldn't be the deciding factor of whether or not you drink and drive.
  4. Contact a designated driver. To find a designated driver to take you home, you can either call, text, or use social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to find a DD. Just make sure that your DD is sober because driving drunk to help out a friend will still get that person a DUI.

If your smartphone couldn't keep you out of legal trouble, talk to a DUI attorney in Philadelphia for more help with your case.

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