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Celebrity DUIs in Philadelphia

Celebrities behaving badly are always hot topics in the news, and brushes with the law, particularly celebrity DUIs, receive a lot of media coverage. Although it may be entertaining to see unflattering mug shots of movie stars, musicians, and politicians arrested on DUI charges, it’s important to remember that they have the same legal rights as anyone else, and Philadelphia residents can often learn about DUI procedures and laws from their cases.

All Philadelphia residents have the right to a DUI defense lawyer, albeit maybe not as high-profile as some celebrity DUI attorneys. Nevertheless, like celebrities, you should contact a Philadelphia DUI attorney if you need legal advice about driving under the influence charges and developing a good defense strategy.

Recently in Celebrity DUIs in Philadelphia:

Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Kills Fellow Cowboy in DUI Crash

The National Football League has a serious DUI problem. With the recent DUI manslaughter over the weekend, should the NFL take heed and start addressing the elephant in the room?

This weekend, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was in an alleged DUI crash in Irving, Texas.

Brent was allegedly intoxicated behind the wheel on Saturday night. The accident resulted in the death of his teammate and friend, Jerry Brown, writes the Huffington Post.

Cherelle Parker to Stand Trial in November

We have more news on Cherelle Parker and her DUI. She will soon stand trial (again) for her DUI from 2011, reports The Philadelphia Daily News.

Will this story never come to a close? Parker, 40, is a state politician and the chairwoman of the Philadelphia delegation in the state house.

A recap is in order. Back in April 2011, Parker was caught allegedly drinking and driving, when her car was driving the wrong way on a Germantown one-way street.

Baseball Legend Carlton Fisk Arrested for DUI in Corn Field

Baseball Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk was arrested for driving under the influence last night, reports TMZ. He was allegedly driving through a corn field in Illinois.

When officers found Fisk, he was asleep at the wheel, with a bottle of vodka at his side, police reportedly told TMZ.

Steelers Rookie Alameda Ta'amu Arrested for DUI, Resisting Arrest

A sports PR disaster took place over the weekend in Pittsburgh, in what seemed to be a series of unfortunate events.

Pittsburgh Steelers' rookie Alameda Ta'amu was arrested on Sunday in a DUI related incident.

The rookie defensive lineman aroused the suspicion of police when his 2006 Lincoln Navigator was driving the wrong way down a street at 2:30 a.m., reports Yahoo! Sports.

Sally Struthers Charged With Drunken Driving in Maine

Ogunquit is a small resort town on the coast of southern Maine. It has nice sandy beaches and plenty of small boutiques, fresh seafood, and some good summer theater. This year's summer theater included Sally Struthers as a cast member of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5: The Musical," an adaptation of the 1980 movie.

Unfortunately, near the end of the month-long run, Struthers was pulled over and then arrested on suspicion of DUI (known in Maine as OUI, or Operating Under the Influence), according to the Los Angeles Times. Police did not offer specifics on why Struthers was pulled over or whether she was subjected to field sobriety tests, though they are routinely given in this type of situation, according to the Portland Press Herald. Struthers posted $165 bail and was released; her hearing is set for December.

In Maine, a first OUI conviction can get you a three-month license suspension and a $400 fine, but no jail time. What if she'd been busted in Pennsylvania?

Tapped Out: UFC Fighter Christian Morecraft Arrested for DUI

Tapping out -- it's like the weakest way to exit a fight. By doing so, you admit that you can no longer stand the pain of the armbar or whatever submission hold is being used. While you should not always be submissive when there are challenges in your life, taking an alcohol breath test is something you should submit to.

In the case of UFC fighter Christian Morecraft, he refused to submit to an officer's request that he take a breath test and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving without a license, speeding, and driving to endanger, according to the website MMA Junkie.

Would submitting to the Breathalyzer have helped him avoid arrest?

WWE Star Cameron Arrested for Alleged DUI and Bribery

Well, people must have heeded the warning that there would DUI patrols galore over the holiday weekend, because there were no major incidents.

However, before the weekend began, Cameron, member of the Funkadactyls, was arrested on suspicion of DUI late Thursday night, early Friday morning, according to TMZ. Not only was Ariane Nicole Andrew (Cameron) suspected of DUI, she allegedly offered the cops $10,000 to let her go because otherwise she would lose her job.

Was a bribe really worth it?

Catholic Archbishop-Elect Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

Well, the Catholic Church is in the news again. (There apparently wasn't enough news to go around with Monsignor William Lynn and the Rev. James Brennan, not to mention the countless others charged with all kinds of offenses.)

At least now a clergyman has been arrested for something most people can relate to: a DUI. The Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop-elect of San Francisco, was arrested on suspicion of DUI last weekend, according to the Associated Press. Cordileone has already issued a statement apologizing for his actions, even though it would take an action practically by the Pope himself to stop Cordileone's ascension to archbishop.

Cordileone is now set to go to court in October, shortly after he is installed as archbishop, according to the AP. So how could he potentially challenge his arrest?

Randy Travis Arrested for DWI in Texas, 2nd Arrest This Year

There’s not much more that says country music like hard drinkin’ and fighting. If you listen to any of the Hanks (Sr., Jr., or III) or Waylon Jennings, that is. It’s obvious that having a nice drink to end your day is a tradition among any Americans.

There’s only a problem if it’s more than one drink and driving is involved. Unfortunately for Randy Travis, he was arrested on suspicion of doing just that. In Sanger, Texas, Travis’s car was found crashed in a single-car accident and he was arrested with minor cuts and brusies on DUI and retaliation and obstruction charges, according to TMZ.

New Jersey Legislator Paul Moriarty Denies DUI Charge

There’s nothing worse than being accused of something that you didn’t do. This was true for Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who was arrested in 1966 for a murder he didn’t commit and finally released in 1985, 10 years after Bob Dylan wrote a song about the case.

Now another New Jersey resident is facing charges that he claims are fabricated. Legislator Paul Moriarty, who represents parts of Gloucester and Camden Counties, was pulled over in Washington Township after he allegedly cut off a police officer, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

After being pulled over, Moriarty disputed having cut off the officer and the officer administered a field sobriety test, issuing him a summons for DUI, reports the Inquirer. Moriarty claims that he did not have any alcohol, could he still get a DUI?