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Strange DUIs in Philadelphia

DUI cases are normally cut and dried: a person is pulled over on the suspicion of driving under the influence. A field sobriety test is given, and the driver is arrested for a DUI if he fails. However, once in a while, strange DUI cases occur in Philadelphia. Although rare, they can provide valuable information about DUI laws and procedures.

If you have been arrested for a strange DUI, there may be interesting facts that might mitigate your punishment or may even help you win your DUI case. Whether it’s a normal or strange DUI situation, you should consult a Philadelphia DUI attorney to talk about the facts in your case and your potential legal options.

Recently in Strange DUIs in Philadelphia:

Beware Drunken Designated Drivers

A Northwestern Pennsylvania couple was charged with drunken driving after the man's wife showed up drunk at the police station to pick up her husband following his DUI-related arrest on New Year's Day. As amusing as the story is, the sobering lesson is clear: drunken designated drivers exist.

Here are three ways to avoid legal roadblocks with designated drivers:

Man Found in Trunk During Routine Traffic Stop

Traffic stops are pretty normal and most go off without a hitch. It’s not abnormal for officers to stop a car for minor reasons.

But every so often, there are traffic stops that result in some very unique findings. This latest one in Kentucky is certainly one for the books.

At a routine traffic stop in Louisville, Kentucky, a man was found bound in the trunk of a car.

Man Arrested for DUI on Farm Vehicle

A western Pennsylvania man is under arrest after driving a farm vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, reports The Associated Press.

The man was driving a combine, which is a farm utility vehicle used to harvest crops. He was driving this vehicle on Wednesday when he hit a mailbox in Elk Creek Township, approximately 20 miles southwest of Erie.

Police found the 57-year-old man in a bean field.

Woman, Allegedly Drunk, Tries to Save Ducks During Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the sad stories of destruction by Hurricane Sandy, here comes a lighter story.

A woman in Glen Rock has been arrested for public drunkenness, after she jumped into a creek to save a bunch of wild ducks from the storm.

Public drunkenness isn't the only charge awaiting Justina Laniewski, however. According to the Southern Regional Police in York County, Laniewski's 4-year old tried to follow her into the raging creek, reports The Associated Press.

Laniewski has also been charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Man Swerves to Avoid Pink Elephant on I-295

A Delaware man was arrested for driving under the influence on I-295, after he told authorities that he swerved his car to avoid crashing into a "pink elephant."

Samuel Phipps of New Castle was taken into custody last week. This is reportedly his seventh DUI offense, writes The Philadelphia Inquirer. He swerved his car and hit a guard rail while driving southbound on I-295 in Delaware.

But why the pink elephant?

DUI Suspect Pees on Police Cruiser in Maine

Some DUI stories are just too funny. Yes, it is a serious crime, but as TV programs and movies show us, drunk and high people can be quite funny. At least, until they get to that obnoxious 2-year-old phase of drunkenness.

Remus Opi, 54, of Portland, Maine, apparently wanted to be that funny drunk guy the other night when he ran into a fire hydrant. After police responded to the scene and ordered Opi out of his car, he decided he needed to relieve himself. So he walked over to one of the cruisers and allegedly took a whizz on it, according to The Associated Press.

Opi also refused a chemical test, which comes with its own consequences.

Driving Through a Checkpoint with a Beer? One Way to Get a DUI

Some people have all the fun. Who can forget Anderson Sotomayor, who was still driving after 5 DUIs that included accidents involving a school bus and a police cruiser? Now there are some folks trying to outdo even the infamous Sotomayor.

Over the weekend, David Caruso (not of CSI fame) was arrested after police at a sobriety checkpoint noticed that he was drinking a beer while stopped at the checkpoint, according to the Hartford Courant. Not only was Caruso drinking a beer, but he was also driving with a suspended license from an earlier DUI, reports the Vernon Patch.

Looks like Caruso may have a few things coming.

Who Better to Pick You Up After a DUI Arrest Than a Drunk Buddy?

We all know you get one phone call in jail, but isn't it best used to call a responsible friend to help you? Even worse, what if you've been released and need a ride?

These thoughts obviously didn't cross a man in Doylestown's mind when he called Dylan Gustte to come pick him up after he had been arrested for DUI. This is the case because Gustte showed up to the police station drunk to give his friend a ride, reports Doylestown Patch.

So who's dumb and who's dumber?

Vineland's Anderson Sotomayor Logs His 6th DUI in 5 Weeks

Say you've already got five DUI charges and the New Jersey Legislature is motivated to write a new law because of you. What is the best course of action to take? Lawyer up, you say? Stay home, perhaps?

Ha, Anderson Sotomayor laughs in your face, and throws his beer out the window, according to NBC10. On Thursday night, police pulled Sotomayor over again to find him intoxicated. He was arrested and taken back to jail.

Will they keep him in jail this time?

Off-Duty Trooper Kills Woman in DUI after DUI Victim Memorial

In a biting example of irony, a Pennsylvania state trooper has been charged with DUI homicide by vehicle after being involved in an accident while off-duty on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on May 18th, according to WPVI-TV. Trooper Barry Searfoss had been attending a golf outing in memory of Phebe Blessington, who had been killed by a drunk driver in 1997, according to NBC10.

Searfoss allegedly had a blood alcohol level of  .188, over twice the legal limit of .08, reported NBC10. On the night of the accident, Robin Williams, a North Philadelphia woman, was driving around 11 to 16 miles per hour, likely because of her car breaking down, when Searfoss rear ended her around 71 to 76 miles per hour. The impact caused Williams' car to burst into flames, which killed the 21-year-old.